DAA Directory

Our directory provides instant access to disability rights organizations and other leading civil rights, human rights and disabled peoples organizations around the world.


Abilitynet - is a UK-based charity helping disabled people gain access to Information Technology.

Action on Disability and Development - ADD is a British-based organisation supporting rights based development work, exclusively with groups of disabled people in Africa and Asia.

Amnesty International - AI is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights. AI's vision is of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission - the HREOC is a national independent statutory government body. Matters which can be investigated by the Commission include discrimination on the grounds of race, colour or ethnic origin, racial vilification, sex, sexual harassment, marital status, pregnancy, or disability.


BOND - (British Overseas NGOS for Development) is the United Kingdom's broadest network of voluntary organisations working in international development (often called non-governmental organisations, or NGOs).


Canadian Centre on Disability Studies - The CCDS is a consumer-directed, university affiliated centre dedicated to research, education and information dissemination on disability issues.

COCEMFE - COCEMFE is a Spanish NGO founded in 1980 that brings together, strengthens and coordinates the efforts and activities of entities that work on behalf of people with physical and organic disabilities to defend their rights, improve their quality of life, enhance their autonomy and achieve full citizenship.

Council of Canadians with Disabilities - the CCD advocates at the federal level to improve the lives of men and women with disabilities in Canada, by eliminating inequality and discrimination. Our members include national, regional and local advocacy organizations that are controlled by persons with disabilities.

Centre for Disability Studies - is a research unit within the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds. The CDS is widely regarded as an international leader in the field of disability studies. The centre also now has an archive that includes papers from both disabled academics and activists from the international Disabled Peoples' movement and is an extremely useful for resource.

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education - the CSIE is an independent centre working in the UK and overseas to promote inclusion and end segregation.

Child Rights Information Network - CRIN is a creative think tank that produces new and dynamic perspectives on human rights issues, with a focus on children’s rights.


Danish Council of Organisations of Disabled People - DSI has 29 national member organisations representing more than 300,000 disabled people in Denmark. DSI is the only Danish umbrella organisation in the disability field.

Derechos Human Rights - DSI has 29 national member organisations representing more than 300,000 disabled people in Denmark. DSI is the only Danish umbrella organisation in the disability field.

Derechos Human Rights - Derechos Human Rights works for the promotion and respect of human rights all over the world, for the right to privacy and against impunity for human rights violators. They coordinate several human rights mailing lists, publish an Internet human rights journal, and work on the preservation of memory and for justice for the disappeared.

direct.gov.uk/disability - Directgov disabled people and carers (www.) is a specific sections within UK Government's Directgov website that provides comprehensive information for disabled people and regarding financial support, home and housing, employment, rights, independent living and much more. The section also contains links to hundreds of national charities and other disability-related organisations.

Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood International - (DPPi) offers information and advice from an extensive UK database and fosters international links for parents.

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund Inc. - Founded in 1979 by people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc. (DREDF) is a national law and policy center dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities through legislation, litigation, advocacy, technical assistance, and education and training of attorneys, advocates, persons with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities.

Disability Rights Promotion International - DRPI is a collaborative project to establish an international monitoring system to address disability discrimination worldwide.

Disabled Peoples' International - Disabled Peoples' International - Headquarters


EarthAction - EarthAction is a global network for the environment, peace and social justice. Visit their website to find out more about their work and to receive their information kits.

European Disability Forum - The EDF exists to represent disabled people in dialogue with the European Union and other European authorities. Its mission is to promote equal opportunities for disabled people and protect their human rights. EDF has 87 member organisations reflecting a broad geographical base and a wide range of concerns across the disability movement.


Guardian Unlimited - DAA's favourite UK newslink. Provides access to the Guardian and Observer newspapers.


HealthWrights - is a non-profit organization committed to advancing the health, basic rights, social equality, and self-determination of disadvantaged persons and groups. We believe that health for all people is only possible in a global society where the guiding principles are sharing, mutual assistance, and respect for cultural and individual differences. Details can also be found on this website about the Projimo project in Mexico.

Human Rights Education Library - The library has on-line access to newsletters, journals, human rights documents and training materials.

Human Rights Watch - Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. We stand with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom, to protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime, and to bring offenders to justice. We investigate and expose human rights violations and hold abusers accountable. We challenge governments and those who hold power to end abusive practices and respect international human rights law. We enlist the public and the international community to support the cause of human rights for all.


IMPACT - is an international programme to prevent and alleviate needless disability. All of our projects are run by local people in touch with real need - they also contribute resources. This ensures that our work is cost-effective and appropriate.

Inclusion International - (The International League of Societies for Persons with Mental Handicap) Inclusion International is the only organisation which speaks for the world's 40 million people with intellectual impairments, their families and those who work for them. It now includes 149 societies from 88 countries. It exists to help its members fulfill their own objectives in response to local need. Inclusion International has consultative status with the United Nations. Click the Inclusion International logo to go directly to their site.

Institute on Independent Living - The Institute is based in Sweden and its purpose is to promote the opportunities of persons with disabilities to gain more personal and political power, self-determination, full participation and equality, both in Sweden and internationally through educational activities.


Japan Council on Disability - The JCD has more than 70 organizations of disabled people and professionals. JD, a non-governmental umbrella organization,is a loose coalition and promotes disability movement with the aim of "full participation and equality". (available in Japanese only)


Kingston Centre for Independent Living - Kingston Centre for Independent Living (KCIL) seeks to ensure that all disabled people across the Royal Borough of Kingston and surrounding areas live as independently as they choose.


Leonard Cheshire - Leonard Cheshire supports people to live, learn and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability. Led by people with experience of disability, they are at the heart of local life – opening doors to opportunity, choice and support in communities around the globe.

Liberty - an independent human rights organisation which works to defend and extend rights and freedoms in England and Wales. It is the largest organisation of its kind in Europe and is democratically run.


MindFreedom Support Coalition International - unites 100 grassroots groups and thousands of members to win campaigns for human rights of people diagnosed with psychiatric disabilities. MindFreedom is where mutual support meets human rights activism.

Multiple Sclerosis -Jooly's Joint is an excellent resource for people with MS, written by Julie Howell in her spare time. Also an excellent place to see how professional community sites can be!


National Council on Disability - The NCD is an independent federal agency in the USA making recommendations to the President and Congress on issues affecting Americans with disabilities. NCD is composed of 15 members appointed by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

The National Disability Authority - NDA is a new independent agency established under the aegis of the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform. The NDA provides a key focal point for disability in the mainstream and came into operation on 12th June, 2000.

The National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research - NCDDR is a pilot project designed to help NIDDR (see below) funded researchers publicize the results of their research.


One Place East - OPE offer high quality services to local residents seeking mental health support. They also provide information and signposting. A key part of their work is challenging the stigma and discrimination that people experience in their everyday lives.


People First (Self Advocacy) - People First is a national organisation run and led by people with learning difficulties. They aim to raise awareness of the rights of people with learning difficulties, develop the skill base of self-advocacy groups and individuals, and make sure that their voices are heard at government policy level.


Rights for All - is a website set up by Landmine Survivors as part of the campaign for the elaboration of an UN Convention Protecting the Rights and Dignity of Disabled People. The website has regular Convention updates and disseminates daily summaries during the AdHoc sessions and now the Convention Working Group sessions.


Surewise - Surewise provide liability cover for people receiving direct payments and personal budgets to provide care in their own home.


Transportforall - Transport for All is a disabled and older person’s organisation that champions accessible transport in London.


United Nations - Links to the UN homepage, from which you can access UN documents, including the Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for People with Disabilities. and UN Convention UPDATES.

United States Equal Employment Opportunities Commission - the US agency charged with the duty of enforcing anti-discrimination legislation in employment, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Women with Disabilities Australia - Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) is the peak organisation for women with disabilities in Australia. It is a federating body of individuals and networks in each State and Territory of Australia and is made up of women with disabilities and associated organisations. WWDA is a woman centred organisation which works on a collective model. This means that decisions are made using a consensus approach. The national secretariat is located in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. WWDA is run by women with disabilities, for women with disabilities. It is the only organisation of its kind in Australia and one of only a very small number internationally.

World Federation of the Deaf - is the international umbrella organisation for organisations of deaf people.

World Health Organisation - the United Nations agency that has said that healthcare is a human rights issue. Find out about WHO activities and projects.

World Institute on Disability - Located in Oakland, California, WID is an international public policy center dedicated to carrying out cutting-edge research on disability issues and overcoming obstacles to independent living.

World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry - WNUSP is to be a global forum and voice of users and survivors of psychiatry, to promote their rights and interests.

World Wide Web Consortium - (W3C) accessibility site focuses on issues and developments relating to implementing accessibility on the Web for disabled people.